This modern laboratory, with its staff of eleven dental technicians with years of experience, offers services in the filed of fixed prosthodontics. Continuous education and introduction of digital system and cutting-edge technologies, in step with global trends, ensures that the work is carried out according to the highest standards.

We have special experience in doing prosthetic restorations with implants (Ankylos, Nobel-Biocare, Implant Direct, Biohorizons, B&B dental, Zimmer, Straumann).

In our work, we are striving to meet the highest esthetical and functional demands of our doctors and patients. In addition to providing services in the field of fixed prosthodontics, the Džolev Special Dental Clinic has had successful cooperation with numerous dental clinics from Novi Sad and the region.

Services dental prosthetics laboratory
Installation of metal ceramic crowns with two types of ceramics
1. WILLI GELLER -CREATION CC With growing aesthetic demands, Creation CC, recognized worldwide for more than 25 years, has become a major metal ceramic with unique optical and physical properties.

• Unique, analogue aesthetics thanks to refined feldspar • Resilience due to constantly high flexural strength • Natural colour effects and light dynamics due to leucite crystals • Produced in Austria since 1988

2. VITA VM 13 Feldspar ceramics, the structure of which becomes considerably more homogenously distributed after firing compared to traditional ceramics. As Vita VM 13 can be easily ground and polished after firing, highly smooth surfaces can be achieved. Consequently, the adhesion of ceramic surface is reduced and it results in a pleasant sensation of cleanliness for the patient. For determining the colour, 3D MASTER colour key is used. It covers wider range of shades than the traditional key, which facilitates the reproduction of colours in most demanding cases.
Construction of metal-free crowns using ZIRCONZAHN CAD-CAM system
Construction of ceramic veneers and inlays (VITA, IVOCLAR )
Construction of fixed restorations on implants
Construction of individual abutments using CAD-CAM system
Construction of fixed restorations aimed for the placement of partial skeletal prosthetics
Construction of temporary crowns using CAD-CAM system
Dragana Džolev
founder of the IN-DENT dental lab